10 Awesome Activities for you and the Kiddos (AND pocket-friendly)! 

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Is it tough trying to find activities for you and your kiddos to do on the weekend? Over the years I have managed to figure out some awesome and pocket -friendly activities that we could all enjoy, and I’d like to share those with you!

 My kids are always asking what we’re doing, so excited that they even come up with their own ideas. The tricky thing about the two is that there’s a 7-year age gap between them (13 and 6), which means that they rarely play with each other. I have found some neat activities that we could all participate in, no matter what age. 


 Here are 10 of my favorite and pocket-friendly activities to do during our free time (mostly the weekends):


  1. Walking Trail

Outdoors is always a great option, as it is refreshing to breathe in the fresh air while letting the sun warm your skin. Taking a nice walk with beautiful scenery is a good way for everyone to connect as well.

Most of us are guilty of paying so much attention to our electronic devices that we rarely communicate with one another. Taking a walk is easy enough for everyone in the family to do. 


  1.  Library

Who doesn’t like reading? Actually, my son doesn’t care for it but I still take him along when we go. Once he gets there however, he ends up picking a book that he likes and taking it home to finish reading it.

Libraries are a great place to go to sit down and relax while getting a good read in. There may also be designated children areas that you can check out. Children’s areas are pretty cool, sometimes they have games and computers for them to play on.


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  1. Movies

Whether you go to a movie theater or decide to stay in, take some time to watch a movie together. Grab some snacks and enjoy a family movie while kicking your feet up. You can never go wrong with watching a movie together, and it gives you guys something to talk about afterwards.


  1. Zoo

The zoo is such a great place for the family to go, as there are so many animals to see and learn about. Of course we can watch them on TV or read about them in books, but seeing them in real life is the ultimate experience.

The kids will love the zoo; their curiosity gets fulfilled as they explore and see the animals that they learn about in school.  


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  1. Sporting Event

Sporting events are fun and year-round for everyone! Get in the spirit and go cheer on your town’s teams. Our latest sporting event was a local baseball game. Beautiful weather, lots of new people to meet, nachos (my favorite), and an exciting game to watch all in one. 


  1. Board Games

Board games are so much fun and everyone can play them. You can go classic and play a game of Jinga, or you can switch it up and play some of the new board games like Heads up. Board games involves everyone sitting down together and having fun. It is also a free activity that you can do without even leaving the house.


Close up photo of child playing jenga


    7. Picnic

Taking a stroll and having a picnic at one of your nearest parks can be a great time outdoors. Picnics are a great way to spend time together while enjoying your favorite snacks! Most times we get busy and would rather grab a bite to go. Taking the time to sit down together makes a picnic even more special.


    8. Museums

What’s better than learning as a family while having fun at the same time? Head to your nearest museum to learn about your city’s history and how your area became what it is today. You will be surprised by how interesting history is and the cool facts that you will learn while being there.


    9. Dinner 

Cooking a meal together is fun, as everyone gets to contribute while enjoying the results at the end. Google an easy recipe that includes ingredients that you already have in the kitchen. 

Assign everyone with a duty like cutting vegetables, helping with the seasoning, or preparing the table. Do some taste testing to find a flavor that everyone can agree on and wa – la! You guys have just created a tasty meal, each and every one of you. 


    10. Coloring/Painting

Bring out your creative side and  color or paint a few pictures that you can hang around the house. Get funky and create a piece that makes everyone laugh so hard that they want to create something even funnier. The house will be full of laughs as you all compete to make the funniest picture. 


The wonderful thing about these pocket – friendly activities is that your kiddos just want to spend time with you. Whether it is something as simple as playing a board game or spending a day at the library , they will enjoy it either way. 


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