5 Fantastic Ways to Beat the Monday Blues 

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You are not ALONE if you are dreading going back to work on Monday.  
This, my good friends, is known as the Monday Blues. 

It can be difficult to muster up motivation after two days of relaxation. Being at liberty to do what you want during those days can make you even question your current job. 

You start to wonder if you chose the right career, thinking about what your life would have been like doing something else. Being at the beginning of the week all over again can make you feel sad or sometimes stressed.

It doesn’t help that you have to wait 5 more days until you get a break again. Friday comes along and the cycle repeats.  

Here is a list 5 fantastic ways to beat the Monday blues. No one wants to keep coming into the week unhappy, it dampers the rest of the days to come. Let’s talk about how to create a positive feeling and attitude when Monday comes back around!

Prepare for Monday beforehand 

Be sure to get everything at work finished on Friday so that you can have a fresh start on Monday. This saves the extra stress and pressure of having to finish things before even beginning your tasks for Monday.  

This also gives you a clear weekend to just enjoy two days without thinking about work at all.

Prepare everything on Sunday so that your Monday starts smoothly. Lay your clothes (and kiddos’ clothes too if you have any) out and cook enough food for the next few days.

You can even go an extra step and pack the lunches for the next day as well.  You can wake up Monday refreshed, knowing that you don’t have to rush and try to get everything ready before heading out the door.

Do NOT go out on Sunday night! 

This is probably hard to do for some people, as there are only 2 days to really hang out and enjoy yourselves without having to wake up for work the next day. You also get to sleep in just a tad bit longer, which means you can stay out later too.

It can be tempting to continue the weekend by ending your Sunday night going out. However, you will regret it in the morning when you are struggling to get out of bed. 

Staying out late is just setting you up to be tired all day on Monday. What makes it worse is that you might even have a hangover.

You have to go for 8 or more hours working while feeling like crap, can you imagine how horrible that may feel? You don’t have time to take a nap and try to sleep some of the grogginess off. Just eliminate hanging out Sunday night altogether.  

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Dress to Impress 

Take a trip to your closet and grab that new dress you’ve been wanting to wear or those new shoes that go well with your favorite slacks. Everyone loves doing a little extra sometimes to jazz up their look, so why not do it on a Monday?

This will help to give you a great attitude and good energy.  

When you look good, you feel good. Dressing up sets you up for success, going in to work with a smile. Because of this great attitude, you may even get more work done.

Change the Way you look at Mondays 

Mondays are often known as the worst day of the week. It feels like the day drags and it’s usually the most hectic day on top of that.

It seems like everyone comes back from the weekend and there is so much work that needs to be done. This can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed especially since you are just getting back to work.   

Ironically, Mondays are used for so many things because of it being at the beginning of the week.  

Quitting smoking, starting a workout, beginning a new project, or the first day of a new diet. These are all things that you would rather begin at the beginning of the week.

So, think of Monday as the first day of a great week that you will have from now on. Monday will now be a FRESH START, a GREAT START. 

Get to Bed on time 

Getting adequate rest the day before going back to work is the best thing that you can do for yourself. You wake up feeling refreshed rather than tired and irritable. 

You can be honest and admit that you don’t get 8 hours of sleep most days. Make it a point to get 8 hours on Sunday to ensure that you are well rested.

When you are well-rested, you are able to focus more. You are also more productive because you aren’t feeling sluggish and lazy like you would if you stayed up all night. You will head into work with a clear mind, ready to tackle the day.

Mondays do sometimes suck, but you can use these different methods I’ve mentioned to beat the Monday blues and keep them gone. You don’t have to do them all at once if it is too much of an adjustment for you.

Take one thing that you know you can do and start with that. Each Monday add on another method, and before you know it, these methods have turned your Monday Blues to your Fresh Start Mondays!

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  1. Hey Charae,
    That’s totally me! My Mondays tend to be hectic and manic. A lot of factors rob one of the joy of having a fresh start to the week. It could be too much partying and overstimulation on Sunday, the day prior! One thing that helps me to get ready for the Monday is to have the lunch box ready and in the fridge on Sunday noon, which is usually the leftovers from the supper. I would also like to sort and press my work wardrobe on Saturday. This two things help me start my Monday on a good note. Of course, there are weeks when one family emergency or the other prevent me to have that great headstart on Monday. But I try! Will use your other suggestions too.

    • Thanks for reading! Yes indeed, getting everything in order beforehand definitely helps the day go smoother. Also, just relaxing on that Sunday to give yourself some rest helps a bunch.

  2. Not going out on a Sunday made me laugh but it’s very true. That’s the day I don’t want to be out ripping and running. Once I’m in for the day, I rarely go out. I’d rather spend my time relaxing and doing things I love. That makes a huge difference in my week.

    • Yes, Sunday should definitely be a day of relaxation and last-minute duties for the week to come. Getting that rest can make a difference, just gets you ready for a great week! Thanks for reading.

  3. Great tips, I especially love dressing up on Mondays, makes me feel indefinitely better!

    • Thank you! I am the same way, I love dressing up. I take advantage of Mondays because it is one of the longest days of the week for me. Dressing up puts me in good spirits as well and makes the day go by so much smoother.

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