Friendship Flaws

Friends arguing -Friendship Flaws

They say friendships come and go
but what they don’t know is
that it still hurts.

You know all my secrets and insecurities,
because my security came from your judge-free

As we got older I started to withhold
when you became bold,
comparing us to prove a point.

Which there’s no comparison because
we’ve reached two different levels.

While my brain expanded
yours remain closed
letting generational curses
hug your hip making you trip
on shit that didn’t even matter.

That’s when I became aware that we’ve grown apart.

All these years we were living in the past.
Reminiscing on our childhood
to young adult years
reminding us of what we had in common:


Now, I’m choosing to refrain
but you choose to remain in that time frame.
I don’t want to
but I have to,

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