How to Spend Your Valentine’s Day Out of the Ordinary

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Every year around this time people are scurrying trying to figure out what to get their significant other for valentine’s day. For some reason, it has been a custom to get extravagant gifts, candy, and teddy bears on this day. To plan a nice date and spend the day courting your love.

This year, let’s switch things up and not buy any gifts at all. Instead, you can go out of the ordinary and spend valentine’s day differently this year.

Here are some awesome ideas you can try:

Check out an Escape Room

Go outside of the norm and check out an escape room, you will be happy that you did. Escape Rooms are great adventures that the two of you can take together while solving various riddles. Each riddle that you solve gets you closer to escaping!

Escape rooms are cool because they involve everyone working together, as multiple heads are always better than one. They allow you to think outside the box to really do some problem-solving.

This can add a bit of excitement and laughs for you two, especially if you haven’t had any fun in a while. It’s easy to get so caught up with life that you realize that you guys haven’t had a good time in a while. Let your hair down and tap into the kid in you to have a good time together.

Woman Playing a Virtual Reality Game with a VR Headset

Create a Valentine’s Card Yourself

There’s nothing better than you making something for your significant other as a gift. Creating a valentine’s card yourself is much better than buying one. It shows that you took your time to really put some thought into the beautiful words that you wrote.

Being able to express yourself in your own words is special. It’s genuine and makes the card mean a lot because it is coming directly from the heart. Sometimes it is hard to explain your feelings to someone verbally, so writing them down is a great way to do so.

Go on a Food Tour

Everyone loves to get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant on valentine’s day. Wearing that dress that shows your curves just right or the suit that defines your build nicely.

It might become a tradition to go to your favorite restaurant each year, because you already know that the food will be wonderful. This year, try 2 or 3 different restaurants that you haven’t been to before all in one day.

You can have an appetizer at one restaurant, a main course at another, and dessert at another. It will be cool to check out different atmospheres while trying different foods at the same time. Who doesn’t love trying new food?

Make it convenient by picking places that are close so that you can park at one and walk to the others. This adds even more to the experience as you guys walk through the town to the next restaurant.

Standing Person at restaurant Using Fork and Knife while Preparing Food at a valentine's day dinner

Take a day trip to a New City

Exploring new places together is an awesome way to get away from everything and spend some quality time. Just you and your significant other, without thinking about the things that you have to get done back at home.

It helps to take your mind off of your everyday lives and be in the moment connecting again. Even if it’s just for the day, being away from home can be a breath of fresh air for you both. You can explore the new city by checking out their different parks, foods, museums, or even just walk through the different neighborhoods.

Don’t do Anything at All

Do the opposite of celebrating valentine’s day and don’t celebrate at all. Avoid the headache and expectations of doing or getting something special for your significant other on this day.

Instead, you guys can use this day and do whatever else you want to do. Stay in bed all day and relax, have a spa day and give each other massages, or play some board games with the winner having to make dinner.

Not doing anything at all on valentine’s day is a great option, as every day is a day to celebrate your love. Why just focus on one day out of the year?

Whatever you guys decide to do, make sure that it’s different than last year’s Valentine’s Day!

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