How to Teach Your Kids Responsibility Early Using 10 Simple Chores

Mother and Daughter Folding Laundry Together

The time will come when your kid is all grown up and living on their own. We do our best as parents to instill in them the knowledge and tools that prepare them for that time. This is why it is a great thing to teach your kids responsibility early using simple chores.

Are you repeating yourself when it comes to assigning chores to your kids? You’re calling them but they can’t hear you because their headphones are turned up too loud and their room door is closed.

When you finally get their attention, they huff and puff and spend more time stomping around the house than doing the actual chore.

Giving your kids chores to do helps with discipline. On top of that, you don’t have to do all of the housework on your own, it should all be a collective effort with everyone playing their part.

This can be a bit tricky because no one really likes to do chores. So for kids, with a shorter attention span, this can be even more difficult for them. This is why everyone will be involved so that they can see you participating as well.

Chores help with responsibility because it allows your kid to rely on themselves. It can also help them with time management, as they know the tasks that they have to get done by bedtime.

They can brainstorm on what time they should get their chores done, do homework, and shower for the next day for instance.

A Boy doing simple chores holding Toys to put them away

Not sure what kind of chores to give your kids? Here is a list to start with:

  1. Folding and sorting laundry
  2. Taking out the trash
  3. Sweeping floors
  4. Setting the table for dinner
  5. Putting away groceries
  6. Making the bed every morning
  7. Putting toys away every night
  8. Helping with school lunches
  9. Cleaning bathrooms
  10. Keeping the dog/cat’s food bowl full as needed

These are simple chores for the kids to do that will prepare them for when they are on their own. It also helps them learn what teamwork is and understand how everyone plays a part in the household.

They learn the value of helping out.

You also want to make sure that you are teaching your kid how to care for themselves if they don’t know how already ( bathing, brushing teeth, combing hair, etc).

The key to successfully assigning chores to kids is to have a system in place. Here are some great steps to take so that everyone knows what their jobs are:

Notebook with numbers for checklist of chores

  • Be consistent. Don’t decide to assign chores for a few days out of the week and then start to do them yourself because it’s faster.

    The more your kid works at a chore, the better and more efficient they will get at it. Be patient and supportive to show them that they can do chores around the house just like you.
  • Create a list that includes everyone. Including yourself in the list shows your kid/kids that everyone has to help out in order to maintain the house.

    Also, if they see that you are doing chores as well, they won’t feel singled out.
  • Set time limits for the chores to be done so that your kids don’t wait until the last minute before bed to decide to do them.
  • Assign chores according to age if you have multiple kids. Simple chores like putting toys away would be for the younger kids while taking the trash out would be for the older ones.
  • Have consequences in place for everyone that doesn’t get their chores done on time. Let’s say your kid waits until the last minute to take out the trash after 9 pm.

    You can take their phone the next day for a certain amount of time and explain the reason you are taking it. This will help them to remember next time to get their chores done on time.

    Let’s say that you didn’t wipe the dinner table by 9 pm. Your consequence could be that you can’t watch your favorite show until the next day, instead, so you go to bed a little earlier.

Don’t give in to doing it yourself.

Mother cleaning the windows, doing simple chores

It can be very tempting to get everything done yourself, because of worrying that your kids may not get it done right or the way that you would prefer. You may find that they tend to put the groceries away in any spot, instead of the designated areas that you showed them.

The only way for them to learn and get efficient at doing their chores is if you let them do the chores themselves. Over time they will get the hang of it, as we all get the hang of something once we do it enough times.

Just support and guide them along the way, helping them make adjustments when needed.

Providing a routine with simple chores early for your kids helps them in the long run. They become adults are able to take care of themselves thanks to you!

Being able to take care of themselves and household when they are older prepares them for success with their careers, lives, and even relationships.

Life involves hard work, responsibility, and being able to hold your own weight. Even though it seems small, simple chores for your kids will prepare them for their lives ahead.

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