In Between

In Between

Physically connected

Yet mentally dissected

Bodies entwined and in tune with each move.

Faster, deeper, harder, until the climax is reached.

Coming down off that high only to remember that…

This temporary fulfillment does nothing but disappoint me.

Pointing to myself,

I knew it was nothing else!

But that mouthpiece spoke to my lady parts in a way that made her


So my mind couldn’t process as my body took control and opened

up my portal of pleasure, lust, and ecstasy.

It wasn’t meant to be but I couldn’t think!

About the aftermath of this experience.

Knowing my strength but submitting to temptation,

it gets me every time, like a drug I can’t say NO to.

Addicting behaviors,

a cycle of climaxes and letdowns.

Knowing the end yet pursuing anyway,

Hopefully one day,

I’ll overcome these encounters and recognize the true treasure that I have.

Between…these thighs.

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