Keep the Honeymoon Phase Alive in Your Relationship!

Young couple walking in garden during their honeymoon phase

Every relationship has a honeymoon phase. It’s at the beginning stages when you two are giddy like teenagers and just getting to know each other. Everything is fresh and exciting, including fun dates with lots of different places to check out together.

You don’t see any wrong in your partner at this time, as they seem as good as perfect in your eyes. You ignore the little things that annoy you because of being so in love.

But quite naturally over time, you start seeing your partner’s imperfections and things that you don’t like about them. You start to have arguments because you aren’t agreeing on everything like you used to.

So How do you Keep the Honeymoon Phase Alive?

Put Electronics on the back burner!

You two could be in bed together but not paying any attention to one another because of being on your phones. Scrolling through social media, watching youtube videos, reading articles, anything thing other than cuddling and talking with your partner.

Start making a habit of putting your phones and laptops away when you guys are watching a movie or getting ready for bed. Pay more attention to one another and enjoy that time together. We already get distracted enough with everyday life, so keep the quality time spent together special.

When you guys are both busy people, some great ways to spend time together can be found here.

Keep up with going on dates.

This allows you to focus on one another and connect while having fun. Dates give you time to enjoy yourselves while sharing new experiences too.

Dates are a great way to spend some time alone and away from your everyday activities. No distractions around, just you and your partner connecting with each other. Instead of talking about bills or a tough day at work, talk about positive things like a new movie you want to check out together.

Dates are also a great way to keep your partner enticed by dressing up really nicely. Taking a little extra time to do your hair the way he likes it or wearing those heels that accentuate your legs will have you both feeling good.

Couple in grass Lying on Red and White Textile during the honeymoon phase

Be spontaneous every now and again.

Keep the excitement going by doing things out of the ordinary sometimes. This switches up your routine and keeps things interesting. Routine can get boring naturally because you get used to doing the same thing all of the time.

Pop up at his job during lunch hour with his favorite food. Send him some pictures of you in sexy lingerie right after your guys leave for the day to keep it fresh on his mind until he sees you again.

Spend some time away from one another.

It will be cute and awesome at first being together all the time, but over time you will want to start spending some time apart. You want to keep your individuality in your relationship to remain true to yourself.

Being yourself is what drew you two together in the first place, so you don’t want to change that. Spending some time away helps to miss and long for your partner too, which is always a good thing.

Do some things that you enjoyed before you two started dating. Keep the friendships that you had when you were single and hang out with those people from time to time.

You want to hang with others to maintain a healthy balance in your relationship. It is good to connect and vibe with others, keeping your social life still active. 

Maintain communication.

Communication is what keeps you connected with your partner. Take the time to really listen to one another, listen to what makes you two happy and what doesn’t.

Over time, things will change in your relationship that you may or may not like. You may start noticing things that you didn’t notice before because of the honeymoon phase starting to settle.

You have to speak up whenever something is bothering you. Communicate your feelings and concerns so that whatever needs adjusting can be done.

Otherwise, things will go on and get worse because you haven’t said anything. You also want to discuss things that you enjoy to keep that positive momentum going as well.

There doesn’t have to be a time span put on how long your honeymoon phase will last. If you keep your relationship exciting and stay connected with one another, you can keep this phase going long-term!

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