Simple, Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Guy that Even He Will Enjoy!

Faceless couple hiding faces behind carved pumpkins in autumn forest

Halloween parties are right around the corner and your guy still doesn’t have anything to wear. Most of the time you have to drag him to the Halloween store to find something that goes along with your costume that you already picked out. Costumes and men just don’t seem to mix.

Eliminate this headache altogether by helping to create these last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for your guy that even he will enjoy:

Pumpkin Man

Pumpkin lighting in the dark

  • Your guy can dress in all black and grab a pumpkin to carve! Carve it big enough for his head and let it sit to dry. The all-black clothing will set off the look; the attention will go directly to the pumpkin.

The Gym Teacher

  • All your guy needs is a pair of tube socks and short shorts to pull this off. For some reason, gym teachers seem to wear the smallest shorts and long socks in gym class. Top it off with a whistle so that everyone will know who your guy is dressed to be!

A Box

Couple carrying cardboard boxes in living room

  • The easiest costume ever! Just cut out the bottom of a box for head and shoulder space and he is good to go.


Man in Pink Crew Neck T-shirt Wearing Black Cap
  • If your guy adds a fanny pack to any of his clothing, he can basically have the look of a tourist. They are known for wearing fanny packs to keep all of their necessary items within reach (phone, wallet, room key, cash). You can find one at your nearest thrift store so that you don’t have to pay much for it.

Game of Twister

  • Classic and simple at the same time. Pick out some construction paper of different colors and cut out enough circles to cover a white shirt and white pair of bottoms.

A Night Staying In

A Couple Wrapped in a White Blanket under a Tree
  • Your guy can jokingly let everyone know that he would rather be home by just wrapping himself in a blanket. He can bring popcorn as a prop too as if he were going to watch a movie.

404 Error

  • Grab a sharpie and write something like “404 – costume wasn’t found” on a white t-shirt. I am sure your guy will get a kick out of this as he probably didn’t want to dress up for the Halloween party anyway.


  • One of the dopest superheroes out right now, DareDevil covers the top half of his face with a bandana. The kicker here is that he does it all while being BLIND! Grab a scarf, bandana, or any type of black fabric and cut 2 holes for the eyes.

Fret no more about what your guy is going to wear to the Halloween parties this year, help create one of these looks!

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