Staying In on Halloween: You Can Still Entertain The Family With These Fun Activities to Enjoy

family of four standing together with diy costumes

With Halloween just about a week away, you may not have made plans to trick-or-treat. Maybe you just don’t feel like getting out. Stay in and entertain each other with these fun activities without having to leave your home instead!

1. Candy Hunt in The House

Go Trick – or Treating right inside your own home! Plan some time when everyone is away to hide candy pieces throughout the house. Make sure that you pick places that no one would think to look, to make it more challenging. The person who finds the most candy pieces gets to keep them.

2. Spider Race with Straws

Pick up some plastic spiders and straws from the dollar store to create this exciting game. The objective is to move the spiders across a hard surface (dining table, area on the floor, kitchen counter, etc.) by blowing through a straw. The winner is the person that is able to blow their spider to the other side first.

3. Halloween Treats

Halloween treats go great with a classic Halloween movie! You can create some Halloween-themed cookies from scratch or get a hold of some Halloween-colored nonpareils and add it to premade cookie dough. Pop them in the oven and enjoy them in less than 30 mins. Who can say no to cookies?

4. Pumpkin Golf

You can put a spin on golf in your backyard by using a pumpkin. Make sure you have a big enough pumpkin to carve a nice size hole inside. All you need is a toy golf set and you guys can take turns trying to get a “hole in pumpkin”.

5. Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin painting is fun and way less messy than carving pumpkins. With painting, you can create funny faces, your favorite character, or even a neat pattern. Instead of getting pumpkins from the store, you guys can do a family outing to a pumpkin patch.

6. Costume Contest

Dressing up for Halloween is the best part. Get creative and have a contest trying to create the best costume with items that you already have in the house. Pick a designated judge, pick a time frame, and get to creating a costume.

7. Spooky Stories

Top the night off by telling spooky stories when it gets dark outside. You guys can make up your own or read one of the many classics that you can find online. Huddle around with the lights dimmed to scare each other’s socks off.

Celebrating Halloween inside can be just as fun as trick-or-treating, maybe even more!

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