Ways to Fix Being Grumpy all the Time (for Today and Everyday After)

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You hear dishes clanking in the kitchen as you are waking up and you immediately get grumpy.

 You’re tired from staying up all night catching up on your favorite show. Another day has gone down the drain in your eyes, as you can tell that you will be grumpy all day today. This means that you won’t want to be bothered by anyone, let alone go to work.

I will be discussing different ways that you can fix being grumpy all the time to have better and happier days.


What does Being Grumpy Mean?

Being grumpy is when you are in an irritated mood where everything seems to bother you easily. Your stress levels are high, you’re on edge, and you start to take it out on the people around you.

This feeling of irritation starts to interrupt your everyday life because you can’t focus on anything. You’re in such a bad mood that you isolate yourself because you are worried about snapping on any and everyone.

Reasons for Being Grumpy all the Time

There are tons of factors that play a role in causing everything to get on your nerve.

  • Not enough “me time” is one of the biggest factors. Often, you get so caught up with everything that you have going on in your life that you don’t take the time to get away.

You give and give until you feel overwhelmed and just tired of everything. You wish that just for a moment you can think to yourself without having to get something done or tend to someone that needs you.

  • Substance Use makes you feel worse, once it wears off. People who use substances for blocking out feelings or trying to numb themselves start to depend on them for comfort.

    The thing about this is that there is only temporary relief, and you will have the same issues once you become sober again.


  • Lack of Sleep can drive anyone crazy. Being tired puts a strain on your mind and body, as you fight to make it throughout the day. All you want to do is get in bed and rest, but the fact that you can’t makes you grumpy.

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You can’t think straight because you’re so tired, which can cause you to make mistakes at work or forget a task that you were supposed to get done for that day.

  • Too Much Caffeine can cause you to become shaky and irritable. Caffeine is a diuretic too, meaning that it makes you go to the bathroom more often. You can have all of this superficial energy for a while, but it can leave you dehydrated with possible anxiety in the end.

  • Bottling Up Emotions is a factor that often gets overlooked because we all try to ignore and forget. Withholding your emotions and not talking about them just gives you more of a reason to be in a grumpy mood.

    You are in your head thinking of why you are irritated but deciding to just deal with it. Eventually, you will explode, and it may be on someone that you don’t mean to, making you the bad guy.


So What are the Ways to Fix being Grumpy all the Time You Ask?


Try these suggestions and you will be surprised by how much you can lighten your spirits:

  • Funny Movies – Check out one of your favorite funny movies to take the edge off. Laughing makes the heart grow fonder (or is it distance?). Either way, laughing makes you forget that you were even irritated in the first place.

  • Breathe – Believe it or not, breathing can help calm you down and it only takes a few minutes. Try inhaling slowly and counting to 3, then exhaling and counting to 3. Do this a few times to slow your heartbeat. This can help to calm your body, which in return can calm your mind as well.

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  • Physical Activity – Get outdoors and get your body moving. Take a walk, ride your bike, get your blood pumping. Physical activity helps to relieve stress without you even realizing it! It also is motivating to get up and be active, helping you to feel good.

  • Take a Nap or go to Bed Early – To alleviate the feeling of being tired and sluggish, take a nap for a refresh. Shut your eyes for about 20 mins and you will wake up in a better mood with a spurt of energy.

You can also go to bed early so that the next day you will feel better. Sleep away that irritation and frustration, enjoy the rest that you probably haven’t gotten in a while.

  • Slow Down! – Get away from your daily tasks and take a break. Put your phone down and grab a book to read instead. This can help relax your mind and give you time to just be in the moment.

Being on the go all of the time makes you overwhelmed like your back is against the wall. You have to give yourself grace, and take breaks when you need them. This goes for anything: people, work, chores, your kids, etc.

  • Let it go – Acknowledge what irritated you in that moment and let it go. Holding on to it just makes the rest of your day bad, which reflects your attitude. Accept the feelings that you have, let them go through you and away from you. Make the decision to not let anything get in your way to ruin your mood.

  • Communicate Your Feelings to Others – Express to the people that surround you how you are feeling and why. Vent and explain your frustration and grumpiness.

It feels better when you let it all out; you are allowing yourself to feel those feelings in that moment. This will help you to face them and move on.

  • Write it Down – If you don’t want to talk about it with anyone, then write it. Use that paper to release all of those bad thoughts and emotions and be honest with yourself. Once you are done read it to evaluate what the issue really is.

Seeing the words of you being honest with yourself can help to change certain thoughts and attitudes to make them more positive.

Try one of these techniques and see how it helps you to feel better!

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